16 January 2018

Dear members of the Virginia Chadwick Memorial Foundation, 


Firstly, happy New Year.

At the recent AGM of the Virginia Chadwick Memorial Foundation held 9th December 2017, a number of important points were discussed, the most significant being a motion to wind up the Foundation.

Please therefore read the information below – as a Foundation member, your view is important and your reply is required.

This motion was not something that any of the Foundation Directors considered lightly, especially given that the Foundation has done a lot to honour the legacy of Virginia Chadwick over the past eight years. However, after careful consideration, there was a unanimous view by the Foundation’s Directors who participated in the AGM that the Foundation was no longer active enough to maintain its status as a DGR charity and it should therefore be wound up.

Advice has been sought from PVW Accountants on the appropriate procedures to voluntarily deregister the company in accordance with the Foundation’s Constitution; this requires:

  1. 1.       All members of the Foundation need to endorse the intention to deregister the company.
  2. 2.       The balance of any funds held by the Foundation need to be transferred (except for a small amount as required by the legislation) to an organisation/s having similar objects to the VCMF that is on the Register OR if no such organisation, any fund/authority/ institution in Australia that accepts tax deductible gifts and donations.
  3. 3.       This transfer of Funds needs to occur before lodgement of application for voluntary deregistration.


After further discussion, the Foundation’s Directors agreed that:

  • ·         The Foundation should be wound up prior to end of the 2017-18 financial year; and
  • ·         The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS – see has objects that are very similar to those of the VCMF Foundation.

Discussions have now occurred with Darren Kindleysides (AMCS Director based in Brisbane) and with Imogen Zethoven (AMCS Great Barrier Reef Campaign Director, based in Sydney, who was a good friend of Virginia and is also a member of the Virginia Chadwick Memorial Foundation). Both have agreed that if the Foundation’s remaining funds were deposited with AMCS, those funds could be quarantined and used to facilitate an appropriate documentation of the GBR Representative Areas Program (RAP) - for members who are not aware, the RAP led to the 2003 rezoning and the new network of no-take zones, and was Virginia’s greatest legacy while at GBRMPA.

VCMF Directors were of the view that the winding up of the Foundation should not be seen as the end of the recognition of Virginia’s legacy; rather it is more a ‘passing on the baton’ to another organisation who is similarly passionate about the conservation and management of the Great Barrier Reef.  The documentation of the RAP, including Virginia’s role, will ensure Virginia’s legacy continues for decades to come.

Please reply to one of the email addresses below confirming that you agree or otherwise to:

1.       The donation of the balance of the Foundation funds to AMCS with the request it be used for the documentation of the RAP, including Virginia’s role; and

2.       The subsequent winding up/deregistration of the Virginia Chadwick Memorial Foundation.

Assuming you agree to both these proposals, please simply return with your vote which is highlighted in red on your tool bar or insert the following words in the subject line of your replyENDORSE VCMF FUNDS TO AMCS AND WINDING-UP THE FOUNDATION with any comments you may have.

If you have any queries about this letter or the proposal to wind-up the Foundation, please contact one of the following Foundation Directors:

  • ·         Ms Fay Barker, mob. 0418 778 050 or email
  • ·         Mr Jon Day, mob. 0419 404 167 or email
  • ·         Dr Kirstin Dobbs, mob. 0458 185 420 or email

 Yours sincerely

Fay Barker

Chair, VCMF